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Sensors are typically used to open and close automatic gates. Even though these gadgets are practical and dependable, your gate may occasionally stop working due to the sensors becoming obstructed or broken. Elite commercial gate repairs provide Photo eye gates sensors repair service. Below is what you need to know about fixing typical photo eye gates sensor problems.

Photo Eyes

These sensors are crucial to the security of the gate operator and are in charge of avoiding collisions. They are often mounted on either side of the opening, producing an invisible line that, if crossed. At the same time, the gate is opening or shutting, which will immediately prompt the gate to cease its current function and prevent any collision with the object.

They typically last 5-8 years and are waterproof. The sensor eyes come in various styles and functionalities because each manufacturer has their preferences. To learn more about Photo Eye Gates Sensors Repair Service, contact them at Elite Commercial Gate Repairs’.

Typical Sensor Issues Photo Eye Gates Sensors Repair Service

A light beam is fired from one side of your residential gate to the other by the photo-eye sensors to detect movement. The gate mechanism will no longer open or close if the photo eyes identify an object in the gate’s path. Additionally, your gate can begin to open or close before abruptly changing course. The following are four common sensor problems and recommendations for resolving them.

1.    Something is obstructing the sensors.

Your automatic gate sensors can become obstructed by twigs, rocks, leaves, and other debris, resulting in a broken gate system. To maintain the walkway clear, it’s critical to routinely clear the area around your gate of debris and cut back large branches and shrubs.

2.    Misaligned sensors

Photo-eye sensors are fragile and readily misaligned. The sensors can’t detect one another and will stop functioning if there isn’t a clear channel between them. A red flashing light typically indicates that your sensors are out of alignment. If this occurs, just manually reposition the sensors to face each other. Typically, this can be accomplished by simply tightening a screw or bracket.

3.    Cleanup of the dirty sensor lenses

The photo-eye lenses of your gate frequently get grimy, smudged, or cobweb-covered. It’s a good idea to clean them occasionally. This can be accomplished by cleaning them with a dry, lint-free cloth.

4.    The wiring is ineffective.

If the wire is broken, automatic gate sensors may not function properly. Many different factors could be at play in this. Insects building nests inside sensors or rats gnawing through cables and weakening connections, for instance, can occasionally result in damaged wiring. In this case, replacing some of the wirings is likely necessary to restore the functionality of your gate.

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